Mandigo family genealogy
Your Internet destination dedicated to the genealogy of the Mandigo family and the origin of the Mandigo family surname.

We are proud to introduce our newest area - Family Trees, an area dedicated to posting our many family trees. This area is still under construction so please come back and take a look often. We also need your help in filling out these trees and correcting erroneous information. Send us your contributions! Remember, there is a lot of unsubstantiated information out there so if you can send additional detail such as citations, photographs or copies of documents, that will be very helpful. Remember, your personal information and the personal information of any living person in your family tree will not be shared with anyone outside of this organization.

Also please take a look at the Origin Stories area where where we share some popular theories about the origin of our surname. We encourage you to add to, correct or debunk any or all of these theories.

We hope to be posting information soon so come back often and be sure to tell others about our website!
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